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Everything we do is low cost & tax-aware

∙Separately managed accounts
∙Daily tax-loss harvesting
∙In-kind transfers
∙Tax-neutral trading
∙Charitable rebalancing
∙After-tax performance reporting


Brent Sullivan

CEO / Founder

While working for investment managers like PIMCO and Parametric Portfolio Associates, Brent learned that separate accounts deliver the flexibility sophisticated clients demand. As an engineer, most recently with Zillow Group, he believes leaning on automation drives portfolio costs down creating a tailwind for long-term investors.

Bryn Waibel


Bryn brings 25 years of engineering and leadership experience to Prismatic Investments. He carved his path through the technology industry working across the stack as an engineer, data architect, and in people and executive management roles at Warner Media, Brightcove and Microsoft. He believes quality, agility and innovation accelerate through sound technical leadership.

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